Sunday, November 9, 2008

November Already!

Summer is a haze.
A nice relaxing week-end on the island. No cars, just golf carts to ride around in. No commercial anything. Nice beaches and nature reserves. Ahhh...
A cruise with the family was lots of fun.
A beading week-end with Margo Field and a room full of happy beaders. It was a wonderful week-end and I have actually finished a ring, which I love to wear. Everyone enjoyed her workshops so much, that she is coming back in March!
I love my stores. I know I am very fortunate to be doing something I love. But it has become hard for me to manage them both. Driving between the two, traffic, scheduling, all that stuff. I miss beading, making class samples and helping customers. Two stores, one too many. Thinking about my options.
Change, it is coming. Obama, he has a long hard trip ahead of him. I believe he can do it. Help us out of this mess Bush has gotten us into.
Fred is very sick. He almost died from what is probably an auto-immune disease. He is on lots of medicine and has been going everywhere with me. I don't want him in the house all day. He drinks and pees a lot! Poor Katy has to stay home with the cats. Fred is really sweet and I hate to see him not feeling well. He is improving though, so that is good.
I am looking forward to visiting family for the Holidays. I am hoping we can go to NY to visit my in-laws for Thanksgiving. In December we are driving south to visit Mom and Dad in SC and then on to Orlando to be with the girls and grandkids. And another 4 night cruise with Kay and Tony. The kids stay home. (Two straws, Tony!)

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